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If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, we can help. Our certified recovery coaches are available to support you and your recovery goals through private online sessions. Connect now for a free 20-minute consultation! Call 888-494-2477 or chat, email us now.
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Who are we?

Coach 4 Recovery is a new approach to supporting those who are struggling with addiction. For many people who want help, cost is a significant barrier. Coach4Recovery is a non-therapy support program that utilizes certified mindfulness-based recovery coaches who have been certified by The Mindfulness Academy for Addiction & Trauma Training. This process is a year-long training program that combines academic and experiential training through online courses and individual consultations with a certified Mindfulness-based Recovery Coach Supervisor. This is a new, highly effective and supportive approach to the healing of addiction that is financially accessible, offering the flexibility of video or phone meetings. 

Why us?

Coach 4 Recovery offers those struggling with compulsive or addictive activities the opportunity to grow through the completion of powerful workbooks designed to assist in creating mindful awareness. This enables greater opportunity in obtaining long-term sobriety and recovery.

Coach 4 Recovery offers a convenient supportive experience with all meetings completed by phone or online. Your recovery coach will focus on helping you create a balanced relationship to the eight specific domains of recovery. This is done through a compassionate, progressive process that is judgement-free.

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Thank you!

Coach 4 Recovery wants to thank you for your trust. We would like to commend you on the courageous step you are taking by reaching out for help. Addiction leaves us feeling alone and with Coach 4 Recovery, it no longer has to feel that way. We are an affordable,  high-quality coaching subscription service that is 100% online. All you need is a cell phone or computer and a private space.

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