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Hypersexual Behavior

, Hypersexual Behavior, Coach 4 REcovery

What is hypersexual behavior and how can it lead someone down the path of becoming a sex addict? Hypersexual behavior is exhibited by people who participate in porn, masturbation, or sexual fantasies more than the average person. Someone who is exhibiting hypersexual behavior will start to perform poorly at work and even see a decline in interaction with their personal relationships. This does not mean that masturbation or watching pornography means you are going to become a sex addict, but if you notice these things starting to negatively affect your life, seeking professional help might be your next step. If these behaviors spiral out of control, they could lead to worse problems.

What is the difference between hypersexual behavior and being a sex addict? Well, the behaviors exhibited by someone who is hypersexual can eventually lead to them becoming a sex addict. Think of hypersexual tendencies as a precursor to becoming a sex addict. Sex addiction can be just as detrimental to someone as alcoholism or any other addiction. Once someone has become a sex addict, thoughts of sex totally consume their lives. Sex addicts typically have trouble performing their job duties and will even lose their jobs due to lack of attention or inappropriate behavior at work. Their personal relationships will suffer because loved ones will tell them to focus on other things in life other than sex. Once it has become an addiction, professional help is necessary, as with any addiction.

Hypersexual actions can occur without the person even realizing that they are spending too much time thinking about sex. By the time they realize that they spend half of their days looking at pornography on the internet, they are on their way to becoming a sex addict. Once someone has escalated from those behaviors into sex addiction, they will do anything to get that release because sex has become their drug of choice. If you or anyone you know seems to be acting in a hypersexual manner, it is best to intervene before it escalates into a sexual addiction. With sexual images on television and in movies, sex appeal is everywhere in our society and this makes sex addiction more common than people may realize.

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