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Addressing an Opioid Epidemic within a Pandemic

Kevin Bidwell

The current pandemic has caused an onslaught of dilemmas for Americans everywhere, affecting different facets of society from housing to education and the economy. Among these is an epidemic often forgotten about by the masses: opioid addiction.


The pandemic has only worsened the situation for those who are already struggling. Access to support groups, which are now mostly facilitated online, are becoming scarce. Without proper internet access, people could be cut-off from support for days, if not longer. For William Smith, 60, of Los Angeles, this is exactly what happened.


“Worst thing I can be is bored and by myself. That’s when you jump up and go to a meeting, and you start listening to people’s woes and problems…It’s camaraderie, and friendship,” Smith said.


After his cell phone data ran out, Smith could no longer join the Narcotics Anonymous meetings on Skype. For the first few days, he felt okay. That was until he relapsed.


Despite the rise of overdose deaths in multiple counties, the number of people seeking treatment is declining


Several factors may be playing into this trend. For example, fear of the virus discourages people to come for in-person services at treatment facilities. Social distancing measures are leaving people feeling more isolated than usual.

To people who are experiencing multiple, intertwining crises at once, many are uncertain seeking treatment will be successful, but this can’t be any further from the truth.

Here at Coach for Recovery we realize this past year has been very stressful and people have turned to substance abuse as a coping mechanism. We want you to know you are not alone and we are only one phone call away. We can help you navigate this painful time. If you or someone you know is suffering with a substance abuse disorder schedule your free consultation online today.


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