Coach 4 REcovery

“Aaron is an angel. I struggled for years with sex addiction and would obtain a few weeks/months of sobriety here and there but had no real recovery. Aaron taught me what recovery truly is. It’s hard for me to describe in words what he has helped me with but it is nothing short of extraordinary. We started off with me at rock bottom. I was fighting for my life, yet each day I would relapse. At first I was scared to ask him for help since I was filled with shame and anxiety. I am so glad I did, he responded immediately and was thrilled to be of service. He genuinely wanted and still wants me to have sobriety and recovery.”

“He is truly gifted with a gentle approach but a very advanced game plan. We discussed my goals and he laid out a strategy for me to follow. Initially I spoke with him twice a day for a month straight. This guy doesn’t skip a beat! Every time I called him, he was right there for me. He assisted me during the initial withdrawals and encouraged me to carry on, even when it was difficult. I couldn’t do this alone – thank god he helped me!”

“Aaron has so much knowledge about this topic and till this day he still provides me with new information to help me stay in recovery. His memory is damn near impeccable, he is like a walking, talking encyclopedia that helps you obtain sobriety. He helped me develop a robust recovery program that was sustainable. Maintaining sobriety and recovery is a lifestyle. It took me awhile to figure out what worked for me but once I did my life kept getting better and better. I could talk to Aaron about ANYTHING – day after day, I would hammer him with questions or problems and we would work through them together. Before I met Aaron, I didn’t have a genuine relationship with God. He taught me how to talk to him and how to lean on him when I needed him most. I can truly put my faith in god and walk tall these days. Aaron is humble and won’t take credit for all of the good he has done but this guy is a sharp shooter. I am talking navy seal, special ops. Top notch. Best of the best. If you need help and have the opportunity to work with him, consider it a blessing from God. You will be saved. I can’t recommend him enough! Aaron WILL help you, I guarantee it.”